Dobinsons 4x4 Wiring Kit for single LED Light Bar(DL80-3766)

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  • Suitable for 1 LED light bar or a single LED light
  • Includes switch, relay, and wiring harness, plug and play style.
  • Water proof light connector, harness comes with 1 x male plug end.
  • Very fast to install.
  • May suit other brands of lights, check connection photo for verification

This Dobinsons 4x4 light wiring harness is made to suit a single LED light bar.

The kit includes the switch, relay, and wiring for 1 connector, as well as some zip ties to route the wiring out of the way in the engine bay. May also suit other brands of lights if they use the same type of light connector.

Dobinsons 4x4 LED Light Bars are available in 10", 20", 30", and 40" sizes.