Dobinsons Rubber 2.5° Caster Bushing Kit for Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series(RB59-522K)

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  • For 0" to 3" lift heights
  • High quality rubber, producing the highest ride quality
  • Adjustable during installation to offer 0 to 2.5° of caster adjustment
  • Replaces OE bushes holding front radius arms to the axle
  • Also available in Polyurethane, part PB59-503K
RB59-522K Caster Bushing Kit Instructions
Dobinsons Spring & Suspension fixed rubber front radius arm caster kit, variable up to 2.5° of caster adjustment, suitable for 0" to 3" of lift. Includes 4 x Rubber Eccentric Bushes. Caster angle plays a major part in vehicle straight line stability and helps the steering to return to center. If the vehicle's suspension has been raised, the required positive castor angle is reduced and the castor angle moves closer to zero, impairing the vehicles steering stability. A wheel alignment done by a reputable 4×4 wheel alignment center can determine whether caster correction is required. We offer a full variety of suspension components for this vehicle, including replacement bushings for all control arms front and rear. A complete bush kit is available, part PB59-1258K. Contact Dobinsons for more information. For suspension lift kits between 75mm/3" and 90mm/3.5" caster correction is required, and also adjustable panhard rods are highly recommended. For customers wanting to maximize the off-road performance extended sway bar links and extended brake lines are also recommended. Extending the vehicles bump stops and driveshaft modification may also be required depending on the application. For suspension lift kits exceeding 90mm/3.5" considerable alignment parts are required. Caster correction, adjustable panhard rods, sway bar extensions, extended bump stops, extended brake lines, gearbox spacing, driveshaft modification, adjustable/modified rear trailing arms and adjustable steering arm modifications are required along with other driveline, suspension and steering modifications which may also be required. Note: For Off Road Use Only