Lockable Storage Strap Down

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Straps down your cargo or storage bags such as the Typhoon Bag RRAC159, Transit Bag / Large RRAC130, Transit Bag / Extra Large RRAC131 and other hard shell cases. The 40mm/1.6'' wide, steel reinforced polyester strap ensures a sturdy positioning. Features a quick release stainless steel latch with safety catch. Lockable design for peace of mind using a padlock or RRAC134. A minimum height of 200mm/7.9'' is required to be adequately secured. The bag's sides and the top require a minimum combined length of 700mm/27.6 or maximum combined length of 1050mm/41.3''. Includes a stainless carabiner, eye nut, custom D-Rings and installation hardware. Note: Not suitable for the Wolf Pack Pro SBOX031 or Wolf Pack SBOX008. Please use Wolf Pack Pro Rack Mounting Bracket RRAC257 to store your SBOX031 Wolf Pack Pro, and Wolf Pack Rack Mounting Brackets RRAC202 for your Wolf Pack SBOX008.