Wolf Pack Rack Mounting Brackets

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Secures and holds the SBOX008 firmly in place on top of your rack. Versatile placement allows the SBOX008 to be secured either length or cross ways on the rack. Effortlessly access the SBOX008 by easily releasing the quick release latch. The bracket can be locked with a padlock or RRAC134 (not included) for extra security and peace of mind. Includes 2 strips of T Slot rubber to prevent any damage to your rack while creating a non-slip surface. Can be used together with RRAC129 for extra support on extreme terrain. Made from steel and powder coated with the same durable coating as the Front Runner rack. Installation hardware and fitting instructions included.*Please Note: The Wolf Pack Hi-Lid is not suitable with the Wolf Pack Rack Mounting Brackets. The Hi-lid can be used with RRAC129 and RRAC150.