12ft. Propane Adapter Hose

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Still, worrying about a sudden strike after working for a few hours on the desktop outdoor heater of the 1lb propane tank? I think you need a propane adapter hose, it can solve this problem perfectly. Not only does it provide us with more heater heat, but it has been used for at least a few hours a day in the past few weeks, and the propane has not been used up.

Propane adapter hose
Product Specification:

• Gas type: LP/LPG
• Inlet Pressure:25-250PSI
• Intake thread: QCC1 (1.312"-5ACME)
• Outlet thread: QCC1(1"-20UNEF)
• Material: Rubber
• Safety & corrosion resistant: CSA certificated

• Suitable for Weber Q series grill
• Suitable for Blackstone 17" and 22" desktop grills
• Suitable for Coleman portable grill
• Suitable for Weber 1141001 Go-Anywhere Gas Gril
• Suitable for Mr. Heater F232000 heater
  • The propane adapter hose is the same as the joints of all 1-pound propane tanks
  • Brass fittings make the connection between the adapter and the barbecue equipment closer
  • 1. For your safety, ALL propane appliances are OUTDOOR Use.
  • 2. FULLY TIGHTENED at both the propane tank side and grill side before using on your propane appliances to prevent leakage.
  • 3. After installation, please use bubble water to test whether the joint is tightened