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As it turns out, Rich is a coffee fanatic and loves to find the latest and greatest ways to enjoy a great cup of joe. After we launched our Insulated French Press To-Go, we searched for and found the best portable coffee grinder to match the quality of our brewing devices. 

Now we offer you a professional grade Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Burr.  This grinder achieves a consistent grind on any coffee beans and it can also be easily used as a peppercorn or spice grinder.

The grinder has an extra-long steel handle, so you can hand grind your favorite beans in just a few minutes.  To adjust your grind coarseness, there’s no need to take the entire unit apart, simply turn the knob at the bottom to the desired grind level.  There are over 30 settings so you can get a super fine grind needed for espresso to a medium grind used in a pour-over coffee to a course grind used in a French press.

How it Works:

  • Adjust the grind consistency by loosening or tightening the adjustment knob. Clockwise for fine grind and counter-clockwise for coarse grind.  There are over 30 settings, identified by each click of the knob.
  • Take off the lid and fill the coffee beans you wish to grind, replace the lid, and place a handle on the shaft, turn the handle clockwise.
  • Ground coffee is stored in the bottom cup, which makes it easy to pour the grounds into your coffee maker or press.