DMOS Delta Steel Shovel

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Meet your go-to tool for life: the Delta Shovel - the strongest full-sized, collapsible shovel ever.  We recommend it for trail building, off road use, survival, hunting, camping, and ground-breaking.

✔ Versatile: 3 blade modes + 3 adjustable shaft lengths (24", 37", 51")
✔ Easy-to-Use: Only 6 lbs, 5 ounces
✔ Heavy Duty: Over 1000 lbs of payload
✔ Sturdy: Best for mud or hard pack
✔ Durable: Made from premium steel and aluminum

✔ Portable: Collapses to 24"x11"x2.75" to stow, pack, or rack mount
✔ Customizable: Vehicle mount and carry bag available