Kingdom Offroad Soft Shackles 36,000LB

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Kingdom Off Road Soft Shackles are one of those Jeep, truck, ATV or UTV off road accessories that are a "must have" for your kit! They are the very best way to attach your recovery gear to recovery points on your off road vehicle. Most King Shackles, hard shackles or D-rings mounted on your vehicle are wrench tightened to keep them from being stolen making it difficult to quickly open for recovery. Soft shackles don't barely weigh anything and easily attach to these mounting recovery points to make it easy and fast to begin a vehicle recovery. Whether you are attaching a kinetic recovery rope or a recovery tow strap to your shackles, these are the best tool for the job! Our Kingdom Off Road Recovery Soft Shackle uses a heavy duty synthetic fiber sheath to protect the soft shackle and help it to last way longer than the competition. Most of the competition's sheaths are light duty and are for advertising their brand instead of durability, ours is functional to improve strength and durability!

Kingdom Soft Shackle Details:

  • Made with heavy duty synthetic fibers to create an extremely durable shackle
  • 36,000 lbs. - MBS (Minimum break strength) 
  • SAFER and stronger than STEEL!
  • Easy to attach to any anchor point on your Jeep, truck, SUV, ATV, or off road vehicle 
  • Do NOT exceed break strength above for your safety